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Charles Haynie And Susannah Hanks

1. CHARLES7 HAYNIE (JOHN6, STEPHEN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN I.2, JOHN1 HAYNEY) was born Abt. 1772 in Anderson County, South Carolina, and died Bet. 1830 - 1840 in Anderson Co, SC. He married SUSANNAH HANKS 1794 in Anderson Co, SC, daughter of LUKE HANKS and ANN HARRIS. She was born 1778 in VA, and died Aft. 1840 in Anderson Co, SC.


Charles Haynie was the son of John Haynie and his first wife Mary Sanders.

According to the 1800, 1810, and 1820 census records for Pendleton Dist. SC Charles and Susannah had a total of 11 sons and 4 daughters. I have names for only 8 sons and 4 daughters. The ones missing are sons born about 1798, 1810, and 1815 and a daughter born about 1897.

Some researchers name one of those sons Luke while some say George and Luke are the same. Charles has a half brother named George Luke born about 1798 who moved to Coosa Co., AL and became a Baptist Minister. Charles brother, Stephen P. had a son named George Luke born about 1795 who (I believe) stayed in Anderson Co, SC. Charles' son born in 1800 may be George Luke (He has a grandson named George Luke). Also one of those sons may be Isaac - still searching.

1800 Pendleton Dist, Sc. Charles Haynie 26/44, Wife 16/26, Children: Males [3] 0/10, Females [1] 0/10.

1810 Pendleton Dist, SC. Charles Haynie 26/44, Wife 26/44, Children: Males [5] 0/10, [3] 10/15. Females [1] 0/10, [1] 10/15.

1820 Pendleton Dist, SC. Charles Haynie 45+, wife 45+, Children: Males [3] 0/10, [3] 10/15, [2] 16/18, [2] 16/26. Females: [2] 0/10, [2] 16/26.

1830 Anderson Co, SC. Page 136. Charles Hany 50/60, wife 50/60, Children: Males: [1] 5/10, [1] 10/15, [2] 15/20 - Females: [1] 10/15, [1] 15/20.

Charles died between 1830 and 1840. In 1840 Anderson Co, SC census record shows Susan Haynie 60/70 with two males. 20/30 and 15/20. These are probably Ruben and Martin.

page 239, Haynie family record, Mary G. Haynie, Douglas, AZ, 1958.

John Haynie, Sr. mar1: Mary Sanders, abt 1763, Virginia
mar2: Elizabeth Hanks, abt 1795, 96 Dist, SC.
page 239; Mary Sander's mother of French descent; father's name not known.
Charles Haynie married Susan (or Susannah) Hanks.
page 239b; Elizabeth Hanks is the daughter of Luke Hanks & Ann Harris.


1840 Anderson Co, SC. Susan Haynie - Males: [1] 15/20, [1] 20/30. Female [1] 60/70. The two boys still at home are probably Ruben and Martin.


i. SON8 HAYNIE, b. 1797, Anderson Co, SC.

Notes for SON HAYNIE:

I have no name or any other information for this son. He may be Luke.

ii. GIRL HAYNIE, b. 1799, Anderson Co, SC.

Notes for GIRL HAYNIE:

I have no information on this daughter of Charles and Susannah Haynie. She was listed on early census records, but otherwise is unknown.

2. iii. GEORGE HAYNIE, b. Mar 28, 1800, Pendleton District / Anderson Co, SC; d. May 16, 1863, Eulaton, AL - Calhoun Co.

iv. CHARLES HAYNIE, b. Sep 13, 1803, Anderson Co, SC; d. Nov 8, 1867, Anderson Co, SC; m. NANCY ANN REID, Jan 30, 1827, Anderson Co, SC; b. Jul 14, 1798, Anderson Co, SC; d. Dec 21, 1874, Anderson Co, SC.


Can not find this Charles before 1850. Looks like he never had children.

1850 Anderson Co, SC. Charles Haney 47, Ann 52. Also Elizabeth Reid 53. Real property 2000.

1860 Anderson Co, SC. Charles Haney 55, Ann 60. Also Elizabeth Reid 61. Real Property 5000, Personal property 25000. Owns 22 slaves.

From: Haynie Family Record, Mry G. Haynie, Douglas, AZ 1858

Charles Haynie, s/o Charles and Susannah Hanks Haynie, married Anna Reid Jan 30,1827. Anna Reid is Nancy Anna Reid. Born 1799 in Anderson Co, SC. Neither the 1850 nor 1860 census records show any children.

Will dated: 1874, Anderson Co, SC.

Book of the Dead, Smith, Anderson Co, SC, Jun 1966
Haynie, Charles b. Sep 13, 1803, d. Nov 8, 1867

Early Anderson County, SC, Newspapers, Marriages and Obituaries, 1841-1882.
Abstracted by: Tom C. Wilkinson, Greenville, SC 1978, Southern Historical Press, Inc. Easley, SC. Page: 71: Issue of ; Wednesday, November 13, 1867:
Obituary: Death of Mr. Charles Haynie. We are grieved to learn that our old friend, Mr. Charles Haynie, died at his residence in this district, near Holland's Store on Friday last, of Typhoid fever. He was truly one of the best citizens of the district and highly esteemed by all who knew him. His death will leave a void in his immediate neighborhood that cannot easily be filled. Mr. Haynie's life had been marked by an uprightness, honesty and integrity seldom equaled, of a warm, generous nature. He was frank and open in his friendships and ever won the affections of those around him. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church and prominently active in his duties.

Batch #: A458357, Source Call #: 458357
Charles Haynie
B: 13 Sep 1803
Anderson, [county], SC, USA
D: 8 Nov 1867
Anderson, [county], SC, USA

Nancy Anna Reid
Birth: 1799 in Anderson, [county], SC, USA
Death: 1874 (1867)
Marriage 30 Jan 1827 in Anderson, [county], SC, USA


1870 Anderson Co, SC Ann Haynie 71, Elizabeth Reid 73. Also Hannah Heeler 18, Franklin Heeler, Jr. 18. Elizabeth, Hannah, and Franklin are listed as "as one family".

Book of the Dead, Smith, Anderson Co, SC, Jun 1966

Haynie, Ann b. Jul 14, 1798, d. Dec 21, 1874; Buried Cemetery Code # 124.

3. v. JUDITH HAYNIE, b. 1805, Anderson Co, SC; d. Bet. 1870 - 1880, Anderson Co, SC.

4. vi. ELIJAH B. HAYNIE, b. 1807, Anderson Co, SC; d. Bet. 1846 - 1850, Pontotoc Co, MS.

5. vii. STEPHEN HAYNIE, b. 1809, Anderson Co, SC; d. Jul 17, 1891, Coosa Co, AL.

viii. WILLIAM HAYNIE, b. 1811.


B: 1811
Anderson, [county], SC, USA

The following William was born in 1797 and could very well be Charles' missing son born about that time. I have William's birth as 1811. If it turns out that this William born in 1797 is the son of Charles then we will have to look for another son born about 1811.

ID: I4705
Name: William Haynie
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1797 in Anderson, SC
In this line all are spelled HANEY IN THIS FILE.

1850 Census of Franklin Co., GA, William Haney is listed as age 50 with his wife Jane, age 48 and Children: Nancy 23, John W. 21, Frances 19, Callence , [i. e. Caroline] 14, Eliza 11, Henry 6, George W. 4, and Jane 1.

From - Family File
Father: Charles Haynie b: ABT. 1772 in 96 District, South Carolina
Mother: Susannah (Susan) Hanks b: ABT. 1778 in Virginia
Marriage 1 Jane Jirsey Parr b: ABT. 1805
Married: 31 AUG 1825 in Franklin Co., GA
Zilla Haynie b: ABT. 1820 in GA
Nancy Haynie b: ABT. 1827
Robert B Haynie b: ABT. 1827 in Franklin Co., GA
John W. Haynie b: ABT. 1828
Frances Haynie b: ABT. 1833
Caroline Haynie b: ABT. 1836
George W. Haynie b: ABT. 1842
Henry Haynie b: ABT. 1844
Rhoda Jane Hanynie b: ABT. 1849 in Franklin Co., GA

6. ix. MARY POLLY HAYNIE, b. 1812, Anderson Co, SC.

7. x. GIDEON HESTER HAYNIE, b. Feb 19, 1813, Anderson Co, SC; d. Oct 16, 1887, Union Co, MS.

xi. NANCY HAYNIE, b. 1816.


B: 1816
Anderson, [county], SC, USA

xii. MARTIN HAYNIE, b. 1818.


B: 1818
[city], [county], SC, USA
Married Amanda Unknown

I am not positive that the following is the right Martin so have not entered it into my database.  I'm still searching for a little more proof.  Some researchers say Martin married his cousin Amanda Haynie.  I have not found a cousin Amanda the right age.

1850 Coosa Co, AL Martin Haynie 39, Amanda 33, Children: Adeline 12, Benjamin F. 7, Georgia Ann 5, James R. 4. Martin is a farmer. Martin b. SC, Amanda b. GA, Children b. AL

In 1850 Martin owned 6 slaves in Coosa Co, AL

1860 Autauga Co, AL. Martin Haynie 49, Amanda 42, Children: Adeline 21, Benjamin 17, Georgia 15, James 14. Martin b. SC, Amanda b. GA, children b. AL. Martin is an overseer.

xiii. RUBEN HAYNIE, b. 1820.


B: 1820
Anderson, [county], SC, USA

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE8 HAYNIE (CHARLES7, JOHN6, STEPHEN5, WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN I.2, JOHN1 HAYNEY) was born Mar 28, 1800 in Pendleton District / Anderson Co, SC, and died May 16, 1863 in Eulaton, AL - Calhoun Co. He married ELIZABETH A. RODDAN Feb 27, 1827 in Anderson Co, SC, daughter of ROBERT RODDAN and FAUSEY. She was born May 29, 1808 in SC, and died Oct 17, 1893 in AL.


1830 Anderson SC. page 135. Males (1) 0/5. (1) 20/30. Females (1) 0/5, (1) 20/30. The female 0/5 is unknown to us.

1840 Anderson District SC. George Haynie. Males (2) 0/5, (1) 5/10, (1) 10/15, (1) 40/50. Females (1) 0/5, (1) 30/40. The daughter 0/5 from 1830 is missing. Probably died.

1850 Benton Co, AL Dist 28 HH# 63 - G. Haynie 50, E. A. 44, Children: R. C. 22(M), G. W. 19(M), J. B. 16(M), S. L. 14(F), M. A. 11(M), M. G. 7(M), M. E. 4(F), E. J. 2(M). All born in SC.

1860 Calhoun Co, AL. White Plains page 77, HH#500. George Hanie 60, Elizabeth 52, Children: Marion G. 18, Amanda 15, E. J. 12(M), Elijah N. 10. All born in SC except Elijah N. b. AL.

The Haynie Family Bible states that George Haynie was born March 26, 1800 and died March 12, 1863. He married Elizabeth A. in 1826.

Their children listed in the Bible are R. C. Haynie and M. A. Haynie. The rest are erased to make room for other information.

In her application for pension Elizabeth stated that her husband George Haynie served in Capt. John J. Picken's 4th regiment of South Carolina from Feb. 10, 1836 to 1st of May 1836. He served in the Indian Wars in Florida and was discharged in Jacksonville, Fl. She stated that George was 36 yrs. old and 5ft. 9 inches tall with dark eyes, black hair, and fair complexion.

Elizabeth stated that after George's discharge they lived in Anderson SC for 14 years. and then lived in Calhoun Co AL for 13 years when he died at Enlaton AL March 12, 1863. She stated that they had married Feb 27, 1827 at Anderson Co SC. (At that time marriage records were not required to be kept in SC).

Witnesses stated that George and Elizabeth Haynie moved to Calhoun Co Al from SC in 1850. That they had several children who were all born in SC before they moved to AL. No children were born in Alabama. (Actually Elijah N. was born in AL in 1850 after the census was taken.)


George Haynie b. Mar 26, 1800 d. Mar 12, 1863 m. 1826
E. A. Haynie b. May 29, 1806 d. Oct 17, 1893
R. C. Haynie b. Nov. 27, 1827 d. Mar. 2, 1903
M. A. Haynie b. May 29, 1839 d. Jan 16, 1904

(Several names were erased to make room for the other information)

The 1850 Census lists S. L. 14 Female. She is listed on the 1840 Census as being bet. 0/5. There's no other reference to her. We always thought George had only one daughter, Amanda.

George Haynie's obituary ran in the Jacksonville Republican, May 16, 1963

"Died at the residence of J. W. Easley, in Calhoun County, ALabama, after a short illness of penumonia fever, George Haynie. He was born in Anderson District, South Carolina March 25, 1807, was married February 27, 1827, to Elizabeth A. Roddam. He embraced religion in 1834 and joined the Baptist church in 1838, of which he remained faithful and pious member until the hour of his death, March 12, 1863. He moved to Alabama in 1850, and as proved to be one of her truest and most devoted citizens. He was an affectionate companion, a teacher parent, and as a neighbor he had the love and esteem of all who knew him. His course of life and conduct was marked by honesty and integrity. He was conscience of the approach of death when first attacked with desease. He possessed a spirit of recognition to the will of God, and during his illness professed his willingness to die, and said it was strange that anyone was afraid to die. He left a weeping wife, nine children and many friends to miourne his loss which was a sad one, although we feel that it results in his eternal glory. We deeply sympathize with his bereaved family, but death unavoidelly comes our way....................."


Burial: May 1863, Eulaton Methodist Church - Eulaton, AL


1870 Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL Elizabeth Haney 62, Elijah N. 19.

1880 Bakers, Floyd Co, GA. John B. Haney, mother - Elizabeth A. 72, Children: Mary A. 16, Emer E. 14, Eugene 10, Amanda A. 6, Oscar L. 4, Charley 2. Boarder - Elizabeth Waters 30. Elizabeth A. is a widow. John is listed as married but Mary died in 1876 and he married Louise in 1885.

In her Pension application Elizabeth states that her maiden name was Elizabeth Roddan. That she married George Haynie Feb. 27, 1827 in Anderson SC and moved to Calhoun Co AL in 1850.

Her parents have not yet been traced.......We should look in Anderson Co SC for Roddans living near Haynies. She named a son Robert and several of her sons named a son Robert. Her father may be Robert Roddan.


i. ROBERT CHARLES9 HAYNIE, b. Nov 27, 1827, Anderson SC; d. Mar 2, 1903, Calhoun Co, AL; m. ARVILLA D. YORK, Nov 28, 1850, Calhoun Co, AL by Joseph Defreese, Sr., J. P.; b. Jul 1832, GA; d. Oct 11, 1914, Calhoun Co, AL.


1860 Calhoun Co AL R. C. Hanie 32, A. D. 30 and children: William H. 8, S. A. 4(F), and Laura C. 1.

1870 Alexandria, Calhoun Co, AL, R. C. Haney, Avrilla 41, Children: W. H. (M)18, S.A. (F)14, L. C. (F) 10.

1880 Calhoun Co, AL Robert Haynie 52, Avriler 49.

1900 Calhoun Co, AL. Robert C. Haynie 74, Ava R. 67. Been married 50 years and had 3 children all living.

Last Name: Haynie     First Name: R.     MI: C.
Date of Death: 1903/03/02
Regimental Unit: 29th Alabama Regiment
Company Unit: C
Pension Rec: Yes
Authority: Ala. Pension No. 25224, Calhoun Co.
Enlistment Information: Private.
Remarks: Pensioner: Mrs. A. D. Haynie, widow. Witnesses: M. G. Haynie & J. G. Pruitt.


Military service: CSA 29th AL, Co C

Notes for ARVILLA D. YORK:

Arvilla York married to R.C. Haynie is a sister to Mary York married to John B. Haynie.

1910 Calhoun Co, AL. Mrs. A. D. Haynie 80 widow. Had 3 children. Living with daughter Samantha.

ii. GEORGE W. HAYNIE, b. 1831, Anderson County, South Carolina; m. ELIZABETH J. HULL, Nov 27, 1851, Benton Co, AL; b. 1836, AL.


1860 Calhoun Co, AL. George W. Haney 30, Elizabeth 24, Sarah F. 8, Mary E. 6.

1870 Peorice, Hill Co, TX - George W. Haney 40, Elizabeth J. 34, Sarah F. 16, Mary E. 14. George b. SC, Elizabeth and children b. AL. Next door is William Hull 74 and Elizabeth 70 both b. NC. William and Elizabeth Hull's children: Eliza E. 28, Nancy A. 26, Martha 23, Narcissa S. 20 - all children b. AL.

1900 in Montague Co, TX there's a George W. Haney 69 b. Jul 1830 with wife Eliza age 62 b. Apr 1838. They say they've been married 30 years and had one child. He was b. SC, father VA, mother SC. She was b. AL, father and mother b. KY. With them is H. T. Howell age 40, b. 1860 - under relationship is listed S. probably servant.

Last Name: Haney     First Name: G.     MI: W.
Regimental Unit: 31st Alabama
Company Unit: D
Authority: Muster in roll
Enlistment Date: 1862/05/07
Enlistment Information: Alabama, Camp Goldthwaite
Remarks: Age: 32, Rank: Private
Civil War Pensions - Montague Co, TX.
Haynie, G. W. 05305 Montague

iii. JOHN BOYD HAYNIE, b. Feb 16, 1834, Anderson Co, SC; d. Apr 3, 1910, Clay Co., AL; m. (1) MARY ANN YORK, Oct 4, 1855, Benton Co, AL (now Calhoun Co, AL); b. May 29, 1839; d. Jul 10, 1876; m. (2) LOUISE C. PATTERSON, Jan 28, 1885, Calhoun Co, AL; b. Mar 13, 1859, Fairburn, Campbell Co, GA; d. Aug 14, 1889, Clay Co. AL.


1860 White Plains, Calhoun Co, AL. J. B. Haynie 26, Mary A. 20, John Wesley 2.

1870 Etowah Co, AL. John (Harvey) 37, Mary A. 30, Children: Mary C. 6, Emily L. 3, Robert 2.

1880 Bakers, Floyd Co, GA. John B. Haney, mother - Elizabeth A. 72, Children: Mary A. 16, Emer E. 14, Eugene 10, Amanda A. 6, Oscar L. 4, Charley 2. Boarder - Elizabeth Waters 30. Elizabeth is widow. John is listed as married but Mary died in 1876 and he married Louise in 1885.

John B. Haynie was born Feb. 16, 1834 in South Carolina. He married Mary A. York Oct. 4, 1854 in Calhoun Co. Alabama. He married Louise C. Patterson January 28, 1885 in Calhoun Co, AL

He died April 3, (1901 Family Bible) (April 3, 1910 death certificate) other sources suggest 1907 or 1909.

In 1840 John Haynie is listed as a child under 5 in household of George Haynie in Anderson Co, SC. In 1850 he is listed in household of George Haynie in Benton Co., Alabama and in 1860 he is married to Mary A. and living in Calhoun Co which replaced Benton. In 1860 he has a son, John Wesley 2 years old but no other reference has been found so he probably died.

In 1880 John is living in Floyd County, Georgia with his mother and children. He is listed as married but Mary had died in 1876. He is living very close to Louise Patterson. He is listed as disabled.

The 1900 census for Clay county Alabama shows John B Haynie - 66 years old, born in 1834 in S. Carolina. He is living with Mattie L. born 1872 listed as daughter. George L. born 1885, son and Ida B. born 1888, daughter. All children born in Alabama.

Also in the 1900 census for Clay co. John B Haynie, Jr. is living with his half brother, Eugene Haynie.

John Haynie's son John B. Haynie, Jr. listed his name as John Boyd Haynie, Jr. on his Social Security application therefore his father's name must also be John Boyd Haynie.

Civil War Pension Application
Last Name: Haynie     First Name: J.     MI: B.
Discharge Date: 1865/05/24
Regimental Unit: Walthall Batt.
Company Unit: F
Pension Rec: Yes
Authority: Pension application, Clay Co., Aug. 14, 1902.
Enlistment Date: 1862/11/01
Enlistment Information: Alabama, Talladega, Private.
Remarks: Honorably discharged. Unable to make a living on account of disabilities.
Age 68 years. P. O. Delta, Alabama.

An Ellen Haynie filed for a pension based on John's service in 1910. She said she was his widow. We have never heard of him marrying again after Louise died. His daughter Ida never mentioned another wife although he visited her often. The pension was approved but later withdrawn. I think it was a scam.

1880 Baker's Dist, Floyd Co, GA. John B. Haynie 45,