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Jonathan Ricketson  And Abigail Howland

1. J
ONATHAN2 RICKETSON (WILLIAM1) was born Apr 7, 1688 in Dartmouth MA, and died Oct 16, 1768 in Dartmouth MA. He married ABIGAIL HOWLAND Jul 10, 1710 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, daughter of BENJAMIN HOWLAND and JUDITH SAMPSON. She was born Nov 3, 1686 in Dartmouth MA, and died Jan 15, 1769 in Dartmouth MA.


Source: Grace Williamson Edes.
"Jonathan Ricketson, son of William and Elizabeth (Mott) Ricketson, born 4 April 1688, Dartmouth, died 16 October, 1768, Dartmouth; married____, 1710 Abigail Howland, daughter of Benjamin and Judith (Sampson) Howland, born 3 November 1686, did 15 January, 1769, Dartmouth.

"Jonathan Ricketson lived in the house at Dartmouth, built by his father, William Ricketson. He was a yeoman, or farmer, and a cordwainer. The following entries concerning him are to be found in the Monthly Meeting Records of the Dartmouth Society of Friends.

"15 9th. mo. 1708. And the two Friends that were appointed at the last preparation meeting for to enquire of Jonathan Ricketson concerning his laying his Intention of his marriage before the meeting. And they having spoken with him, do make report to the meeting that he saith he doth not intend to lay Intention of Marriage before the Monthly Meeting, but he saith he thinks it no sin to be married otherwise.

"17 5th. mo. 1710. Jonathan Ricketson and Abigail Howland were condemned by the meeting.

"19 8th. mo. 1724. The following paper was read and approved by the meeting: "To the Monthly Meeting of Friends to be held on ye 16th. day of 9th. month 1724 in Dartmouth.

"Wheras we in 1710 proceeded in marriage contrary to the good order of Friends whereof we do condemn out outgoings, and count ourselves justly Denied and do desi