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Elizabeth A. Haynie
(Widow of George L. Haynie)
Pension Papers

This page includes military service record information and bounty land warrant information for George Haynie, as well as the pension papers of his widow, Elizabeth A. Haynie  nee Roddan.

I am a terrible transcriber.  The first problem is that I'm not sure of  the proper order of the pages.  The second problem is that I'm not very good at reading old hand writing.  I believe I've accurately transcribed the actual information.  I have noted with parentheses and question marks the parts of which I was not sure.

Page 1:                                                                

Pension Award
No. 1,498
Indian Wars.
Act of July 27, 1892
Elizabeth A. Haynie
Widow of
George Haynie
Rank  Corpl.
Company Capt. Pickens
Regiment S. C. Vols
Agency  Knoxville
Rate per month, $8.00
Commencing July 27, 1892
Certificate issued Aug. 25, 1893
Certificate mailed  Aug 31, 1893
Fee $_________
Atty. None


Page 2: Pension Application

Claim of Widow for Service Pension Under Act of July 27, 1892

To be executed before some officer authorized to administer oaths for general purposes.  The official character and signature of any such officer not required by law to use a seal must be certified by the clerk of the proper court, giving dates of beginning and close of official term.

State of    Alabama
County of Calhoun
    On this 24th day of September, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and ninety two (1892),
personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the county and state aforesaid,
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Haynie  aged  83  years, a resident of  Calhoun County,
in the state of Alabama , who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the
widow of  George Haynie  ,  deceased, who was the identical person who served
under the name of George Haynie  , as a corporal  in the company com-
manded by Capt.  John J. Pickens  , in the 4th  Regiment of South Carolina
Militia ,
 commanded by                                             , in the Florida
war;  that her said husband enlisted at       Varennes??                      on or about the 10th day of February  , A. D.  1836,  for the term of Six Months   , and was
discharged at                                                   , on the 1st day of May
A. D. 1836;  that he also served in Capt.                                         Co.,                      
Regt,                                         Vols, from                                 , 18    , to                
___________, 18____; and in Capt. _____________________ Co., __________
Regt, ____________________Vols., from _______________ , 18___, to _______
_____, 18____; that he was not otherwise employed in the military or naval service of the United States.
    That at the time of entering the service claimed for, her said husband was 36  years of age,  Five feet nine inches in height, with dark eyes, black hair, fair complexion, by
occupation a farmer,  and that he was born in Anderson County of Anderson, State of South Carolina.
    That she was married to him on the 27th day of February  , A. D. 1827, at
Anderson Co, S.C.  , by Ezekial Manning  , a Justice of the Peace,
under the name of Elizabeth Roddan ; that he had not been previously married to
anyone  , who __________ on the _____________  day of _____________,
A. D. 18___; that she had not been previously married to  anyone,  who
____________on the  ___________day of___________, 18____
    That her said husband died at  Enlaton  , on the  12th    day of
March   , A. D.  1863; that she has not   since remarried, to wit, to______________
______________ on the ___________ day of __________, A. D. 19_____
    That she has not   heretofore made application for pension;  that the number of her claim is_____;
that she has not made application  for bounty land,  the number of her land warrant being________;
that her husband did not make application for pension, the number of his claim being ____________;
that he did _____ make application for bounty land, the number of his warrant being number forgotten;
    That she is a citizen of the United States, and makes this application for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the provisions of the act approved July 27, 1892; and hereby appoints  Hon. William H. Tomey  , of Alabama    ,  her true and lawful attorney.
That her post-office address is No._________________________Street, (City or Town of) Bera               , County of           Calhoun                    ,  State of
Alabama    .

Elizabeth A. Haynie   (signed with X  Her Mark)
    G. W. Burns
    S. C. Maddox

Also personally appeared  Geo. W.  Burns     , aged  62   years,  residing at
No._____________________________street,  in Byren,  Ala    and
S. C. Maddux     , aged  75  years, residing at No.____________________
street in Eulaton, Ala, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to
credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say that they have known the said  Elizabeth A. Haynie for  31    years and  32     years, respectively;  that they were present and saw her sign her name (or make her mark)  to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, and do believe from the appearance of said claimant, and from their personal acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be; and they further say that they are fully satisfied that she is the person who was the wife
of the identical  George Haynie   who rendered the service alleged in the above
application (in company of Capt.  John J.  Pickens  , in the regiment of Fourth South Carolina Militia  in the  Florida  War), by the following-named facts and circumstances:  **none listed**
    Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th  day of September  , A. D. 1892  ; and
I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, etc., were read and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing, including the words__________________, added
and the ____________________________________, erased; and that I have no interest, in the prosecution of this claim.   
E. D. Acker
Notary Public & Ex. of J. P.

Page 3:
    (Pensioner Dropped)                                                                        INDIAN WARS

(signed)  Alan M. Clay Evans
                    Commissioner of Pensions

I hereby report that the name of Elizaeth A. Haynie - Widow of
George  Corp. Cap. Pickens Co S C Vols.
  who was a pensioner on the rolls
of this agency, under Certificate No. 1498  , and who was last paid
at $8  , to  4  Nov , 1893  , has been dropped
because of     FAILURE TO CLAIM.

Very respectfully,
D. A. Carpenter
        Pension Agent
(Date stamped by Pension Agency Apr 15, 1897 and by Finance Div. May 13, 1897)

Page 4:
Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D. C. July 1, 1893
Elizabeth, Wid. Geo. Haynie,
Capt. Pickens Reg't S.C. Vols
Florida War

    I have to request that you will please furnish a statement of the service of
George Haynie
who it is alleged enlisted  Feb 10  , 1836, in_______________
Capt. John J. Picken's  company of S. C. Vols.
and was discharged  May 1,  1836
    Service is also alleged in ____________________________-
Report of Nov. 24, 1851 reads: "Served from
17, Feb.  to 6 May 1836."
Please verify.
Very respectfully
Henry C. Bell
Acting Commissioner.
To Second Auditor,
Treasury Department

Page 5:
Second Auditors Office
Washington D. C. July 8, 1893
        Respectively returned to the
Hon. Commissioner of Pensions.
    In the case of George Haynie
__________, late of  ____Co__
____Regiment__So. Carolina
Volunteers, The records of this
office show that he was
paid as a private of
Joseph J. Picken's
company for the period
from Feb 17the to May 6the 1836
    No rolls of Capt
John J. Picken's Company
So Carolina Vols. have been found.
    Office report of Nov 24th 1851,
wherein it differs with the above is incorrect.

T. S????? F?????
A. N. 30
 v. 32-717   by  (Can't read)
Pension claim No. 1552

Page 6:
Wid. 1552 Division
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions

Washington, D. C. July 14, 1893
Respectfully returned to the Second Auditor with the request that he will please furnish such information as will show whether the soldier served for 30 days in the Fla. War. Also places of enlistment and discharges and a tracing of the signature of the soldier.

George Haynie
Capt. Pickens Co. S. C. Vols.
Ind. War ??? 1552
John Lochorn

Page 7:
Treasury Department
Second Auditors Office
Washington, July 20, 1893
    Respectively, returned to the Hon. Comm'r of pensions  Geo. Haynie, Cpl., Capt. Jos. J. Pickens Co., S. C. Vols, was paid from enlistment, Feb. 17, 1836, Sisters Ferr GA to May 6, 1836 at which time he was discharged with his Co. at Jacksonville, E F.  and for 30 days travel pay (3 mos and 18days).  Distance to rendezvous 183 miles to residence 420 miles.
    The Roll does not show whether this soldier was in action, but one man was "left at Tampa Bay Wounded 14th April 1836".
    Geo Haynie's signature to payroll appears to be one of many written by the same person.
    The Co. was ordered into the service of the U. S. by requisition of Gen'l Scott.
    No further information as of service in the aforesaid Company.
    No roll of Capt. John J. Picken's Co, S. C. Vols. has been found.
(signed) F. Stobo Farrow

Page 8:
Act of July 27, 1892
Claimant: Elizabeth A. Haynie,  Bera, Calhoun Co, Ala.
Wid of  George Haynie  Corpl.,  Capt. Pickens Co., S. C. Vols
Rate $8 per month, commencing July 27, 1892      (Fla. War.)
Signed:  Claimant

Examiner:  H. B. Webster  Aug. 5, 1893
Legal Reviewer:  D. W. Peters  Aug 21, 1893

Service shown by record
Enlisted  Feb 17, 1836
Honorably discharged May 6, 1836
In Service 2 mos 20 days.
Bounty Land Warrant No 17,029 for 120 acres issued act of 1855
Claimant's marriage to soldier  Feb 27, 1827
Death of Soldier  March 12, 1863

Page 9:
The State of Georgia, Floyd County
    Personally appeared before me  Elizabeth A. Haynie, who being duly sworn under oath says that she is an applicant for pension.  That she is the widow of George Haynie deceased who was a private in Captain J. J. Pickens Company South Carolina Volunteers in the 1836 Florida war who rendered Military Service for the United States in the State of Florida, in said volunteer company and that his comrades in said service were, 1st Lt Peyton, R. Shaw, 1st Sargt. Wm. Daniel, Stephen Haynie, B. O. Fowler and B. F. ???. 
    That J. H. Savage atty at law, at Anniston Alabama, filed _______ a claim for bounty land for and on account of the Military Service of the said George Haynie deceased who was her husband. 
    That at the time of her marriage to the said George Haynie, he and she resided in the State of South Carolina; and at that time there was no marriage license law in t6hat state and no record of marriage kept by laws in the state of South Carolina
    That my said husband George Haynie died on or about the 12th of March 1863 in Calhoun county Alabama.
    That she has not remarried since the death of her said husband.  That she is 84 years old and resides at Bera post office in Calhoun County, Alabama. 
    That she was the wife of the said George Haynie at the time in 1836 that he did the Military Service for the United states in the State of Florida.  That my PO is Bera Ala.
Sworn to ????
Signed with her mark Elizabeth A. Haynie
This 13th day of June 1893
before me
W. B. Teat  J.P. and EX Officer J.P.

Page 10:
State of Alabama, Calhoun County
Personally appeared before me, E. S. Seaman J.P. ex officio Justice of the Peace in and for said County in said State, W. G. Miller, known to me, who being by me duly sworn, on his oath doth say - that he is a resident of said County in said State and has been continuously for thirty eight or more years. that he knew Mr. George Haynie and wife Elizabeth A. that a part of the time he was (       ?    )  and during a part of the time frequently visited them.  that they lived together as man and wife, (   ?    )  recognized,  that during said time they had born to them no children as all the children had been born before 1850,  that however during said time five or six of the children lived with the old people and was recognized by everybody as their children.  Affiant  knew the children, George Haynie died in 1863 and his wife who is still a resident of this county has never married again.  Affiant  knows nothing of George Haynie's service in the Indian War in Florida in 1836 as that was before he knew him other than Haynie's statements to him to that effect before his death.
Signed W. C Miller
Sworn to and subscribed and before me this the first day of April, 1893
E. S. Seaman (   )
    Justice of the Peace
    E. S. Seaman  N.P. n JP

Page 11:
State of Alabama, county of St. Clair
Before me M. E. Bridges ex officio a Justice of the Peace in and for said County.  Personally appeared J. N. (Ford?) personally known to me who being duly sworn by me on his oath say that he knew for a long time George Haynie and Elizabeth A. Haynie his wife. living by then as a Neighbor  that they lived together as man and wife that he knew several of their children born to them.  That he saw George Haynie's dead body and attended his funeral on (   ?  ) 14the March 1863.  That Elizabeth A. Haynie his widow has never remarried ( two lines unreadable)  the fact.  He states that his age is 48 years.  that his present post office address is (unreadable) Etowahton, Etowah (? ).
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of May 1893
Millard Bridges
        Justice of the Peace
(there are four more line which are unreadable)

Page 12:
State of Alabama, Etowah county
Before me B. L. Bellamy ex officio a justice of the peace in and for said county personally appeared M. B. Ford personally known to me who being by me duly sworn in his oath say that he knew for a long time George Haynie and Elizabeth Haynie his wife living by them as a near neighbor that they lived together as man and wife that he knew several of the children born to them that he saw George Haynie's dead body and attended his funereal on or about the 14th March 1863.  that (   ?   )  his widow has never since married.  that by virtue of his long acquaintance as neighbor and friend he knows the facts which he sates.  that his age is 50 years.  that my present post office address is Etowahton,  Etowah County, Alabama
Sworn to and subscribed 
signed  M. B. Ford
Before me this the 15t6h day of May 1893
    B. L. Bellamy
                Justice of the Peace

Second Page:
State of Alabama,  Etowah County
James M. Morogue Judge of Probate hereby certify that B. L. Bellamy whose name is signed to the above afidavit is a Justice of the Peace duly elected and qualified according to the laws of this state.
Witness my hand and official seal this 16the day of May 1893
Jas. M. Morogue
    Judge of Probate

Page 13:
No. 1552
State of Alabama,  Calhoun County
Indian Wars
Claim of Elizabeth A. Haynie
Before me E. M. Pinson Justice of the Peace Said County the said Claimant Elizabeth A. Haynie and being by me duly sworn on he oath doth say.
That the soldier George Haynie never  ( ?  ? ) any other service in the army or navy other than the one claimed for in her claim heretofore filed  a part of this (?) application.   no. 1552
Indian War Claims
Sworn to and subscribed    (signed) Elizabeth A. X (her mark) Haynie
before me this the 11 day of July 1893
E. M. Pinson  Justice of the Peace
Calhoun County Alabama

State of Alabama, county of Calhoun
I, Emmett F. Crook, Judge of the Court of Probate, and ex officio clerk of said court, in and for the county of Calhoun and State of Alabama (said court being a Court of Record), do hereby Certify, that E. M. Pinson  Esq  whose name is subscribed to the Certificate of proof or acknowledgment of the annexed instrument, and thereon written, was at the time of taking such proof or acknowledgment, a  Justice of Peace  of  the State of Alabama, in and for the county of Calhoun, dwelling in said county, commissioned and sworn, and duly authorized (sic) to take the same;  and further that I am well acquainted with the hand writing of such  Justice and verily believe the signature to the said Certificate of proof or acknowledgment is genuine.  And I further ce4rtify that said instrument i executed and acknowledged according to the laws of this State.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said Court, this 12th day of July  A. D. 1893
    (signed)  Emmett F  Crook



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