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Haynie Family Bible

This bible is in very bad shape.  The cover and the first 66 pages are missing.  In addition, the family record pages are torn and parts are missing.  My notes and comments are in parentheses.

Page 1:
This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
John B. Haynie of Calhoun County....(missing)
and Mary A. York of the same.....(missing)
on Oct. the 4the 1854  At Billy.....(missing)
By  W... J... (unreadable and part missing)
Witness Stephen B.. (unreadable)   Witness.. (missing)

Page 2:
George Haynie   Born Mar. 26, 1800   Married 1826   Died March 12, 1863
E. A. Haynie   Born May 29, 1806   Died Oct 17, 1893    (Elizabeth  Roddan)
R. C. Haynie  Born Nov 17, 1827  Married 1850  Died March 1903  (Robert )
M. A. Haynie Born May 29, 1839  Died Jan 16, 1904    (Martin A.)

(The rest of the children of George and E. A. were erased.  Three lines were skipped and then information about John Boyd Haynie's daughter, Ida was written in.)

Cisero Garrard and Ida Haynie were married March 15, 1906
Lillian Alberta Garrard was born Dec the 30th 1906
(missing).. Garrard was Borned July 27th 1876    (Cisero )
(missing)...... Nov the 20 1907    (Cisero's death date)
(missing).... Willie Weir        (Ida Haynie Garrard and Willie Weir)
(missing)...  21 day of Sept. 1909  (date of marriage for Willie Weir and Ida Haynie)

Page 3:
My Dear Daddy
J. B. Haynie  Born Feb 16, 1834  Died April 3, 1901
Louise Haynie Born March 23, 1858  Died August 14, 1889
Charley A. Haynie   Sept 23, 1900   (Death date)
Emer E. Hollis  March 26, 1898   (This is Emelie and date is her death)
Adar Fay Haynie  August 19th 1901   (Not sure who this is )
    Died July the 4th 1902
    Being 10 months 15 days old
Ernest Summerlin Died Feb 28, 190? (missing)  ( son of Mary Arcana Haynie died 1901)
J. B. Haynie 78 years 1 month and (missing)
    died April the 3 1910
Zackie and      ( Zackie is sister to Cisero Garrard)
   George Haynie  (son of John B. Haynie and Louise)
   Married Dec 30

Page 4:
John B. Haynie  b. Feb 14, 1834  m. Oct 4, 1854
Mary Ann York  b. Aug 29, 1839  d. July 10, 1876
Mary A. Haynie  b. Sep 16, 1864   (Mary Arcana - Aunt Cana)
Emlie E. Haynie  b. Sep 20, 1866  d. Mar 26, 1898
Eugene A. Haynie  b. Mar the 7 1871
Amanda A. Haynie b. Nov the 7, 1872  d. Aug 12, 1903  (or it could be 1907)
O. L. Haynie  b. Oct the 8, 1874  (Oscar)
Charlie A. Haynie  b. Dec the 10 , 1875   d. Sep 10, 1901
(missing)  B. Haynie  b. Oct the 7, 1882  (Birth date of John B. Haynie, Jr.)
(missing)  Haynie  b. Sep 30, 1885  (Birth date of George Haynie)
(missing..)   ie   b. Feb the 18,  1888  (Birth date of Ida Haynie)
(missing)     b. Mar the 23, 1858    d. Aug 14, 1889  (Birth and death dates of Louise Patterson Haynie)
(missing)    b. Mar the 23,  1872  (Mattie Lou Patterson was born Mar 23, 1874)

Page 5:
This is the New Testament Title Page:
Ruby May Haynie born Aug 1st 1909 (These are children of George and   Zackie Haynie)
John Vernon Haynie born Sept 20  1910
Gladys Opal  Haynie  born Jan 10 1914
Frank Kermit Haynie born Mar 6 1916
Gurlie Lucile Haynie  born Mar 3 1919

G. L. Haynie  born Sept 30 1885  death May 23 1953
Zackie Haynie born Sept 24 1890  death May  1953

George Haynie  and Zackie Garrard was married Dec 30 1906
Nermas Ross and Ruby Haynie was married July 25, 1926
Henry Pullen and Opal Haynie was married Oct 18 1934

Page 6:
The day I was borned was on Jan 10, 1913  Now I will be 14 years old on Jan 10, 1928
(This was probably Gladys Opal Haynie and she got her birth year wrong.  Should be 1914)


Carrie Smith.
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Revised: 05/15/12.