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John Budd - 1684
Last Will and Testament

The Will of John Budd, Southold the 27th of October 1684

In the Name of God Amen
    I, John Budd of the towne of Southold in the County of Suffolk upon Long Island in the province of  New Yorke being at present weake in body but of sound and perfect memory doe make constitute and declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:  that is to say

Firstly I bequeath my soule to God that gave it hoping for salvation by the merritts and Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my boddy to decent and Christian Burriall according to the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned and that my funerall charges be made out of my whole Estate and also that I declare and make void all or any will or wills by me formerly made and for my worldly Estate I doe dispose of it as follows:

Item    My will and mind is and I doe hereby bequeath unto my wife Mary Budd two croks a bead furniture all my household goods the negro woman called Cathrine and her childe except what is hereafter excepted and that my said wife Mary Budd shalt be and Remain in my new dwelling house and that my eldest son John Budd shall maintaine her with victualls all this to be and (unreadable) no longer than her widdowhood and for any (unreadable) moore comfortable subsistance during her widdowhood I leave to the discretion of my executors and if in case my wife shall see cause to remarry then my minde and will is that she shall have and enjoy as her propriety and to her disposeall two cowes A bedd and furniture and what moore my executors shall see meets and convenient for her out of that part of my estate not already disposed of in this my will and moore over I give and bequeath unto my said wife one piece of  (fold?) of value twenty-one shillings.

Item    My will is and I doe hereby bequeath unto my Eldest son John Budd all my accomodations Rights Title and interest unto all my lands and meadows and commonages lying and being between the fresh meadowe and Plum Gutt as will appeare by Record together with all my housing barne fencing carts plowes carts wheels and all my tooles tackling and Instruments of husbandry both within doores and without and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever and I doe further give and bequeath unto my said son John Budd and to the heirs aforesaid Foure Oxen three cowes thre mares three horses and one feather bedd and furniture. The negro man cald Herry, and my minde and will is that in case my said son John shall see caws to marry it shall not be without the consent and approbation of my executors which if he shall presume to doe, then my mind and will is; that my said son for his so doeing shall enjoy no more than two thirds of the estate by me unto him willed and bequeathed or so much more of the other  third as my executors shall see comvenient for him and the remainder of that Partt so forfeited shall be at the Sole Disposall of my Executors to as many of my children and such a proportion as they in their discretion shall see (mutt?) and convenient; and my minde and will is that my said son John Budd shall not make any bargains and truckes or sale of any of his estate unto him so given and bequeathed without the full consent of both my Executors until he comes to the full age of twenty five yeares which if he shall presume o doe then my will is that my Executors declare all such bargaines truckes and sales to be void and of none effect except they shall see cause and reasons to confirm them.

Item    My mind and will is and I doe hereby bequeath unto my youngest  sonne Joseph Budd all the right (?) and interest and a Necke of Land upon the maine in the County of Westchester in the Province of New Yorke which said necke of Land Lyeth between Blinde Brooke and Memeroinoake River with all rights privileges and appurtenances hereunto belonging and an Island of meadow hereunto belonging except what is hereafter Excepted; out of said Land one hundred acres and fower acker of meadow upon said island and this I give unto my said son Joseph and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever and I doe further give and bequeath unto my said son all my house and housing, fence and fencing upon said land either standing or lyeing and I doe give unto him two oxen two cowes fower ( ? )  cattle three horses or mares together with all implements of husbandry and tools (?) within doores or without in and upon the said farm and my will and minde is that this Estate by me bequeathed unto my sonn Joseph and the heires of his body lawfully begotten shall be impoved for his best advantage by my Executors until he attaine unto his full age of twenty one yeares. (Inserted.."And that my said sonn shall be and remain with his mother and brother until the age of twenty one years") Unless my executors for reasons Inducing them to it shall see cause to the contrary and my minde and will is that my said sonn Joseph Budd be comprehended under the same restrictions which his brother John is by this my will enjoyned notwithstanding the (not not?) perticular mention or reciting thereof and that my executors be pleased to except of it so and to proceed accordingly as there be occassion.

Item    I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary the now wife of Christopher Youngs halfe my right of Land and meadowes at Accabanck

Item    I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Hannah the now wife of Johnthan Hart one hundred aces of Land and fower acres of meadow in the necke called Memorinecke lying between Joseph Budd and Longsbey.

Item    I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Anne Budd half my right in Land and meadow in Accobanke and fifteen pounds in current pay at her age of eighteen yeas or day of marriage which shall first happen.

Item    I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah (? hard to read) Budd the sum of thirty pounds in current pay when she shall arrive to the full age of eighteen years or day of marriage.

Item    My mind is and I doe hereby further declare that all my just debts be paid out of my whole estate notwithstanding the not mentioning of it at the first before any division be made but it shall remaine intire until it be discharged and for any of my estate not herein mentioned or bequeathed after my debts be paid then I leave such or such part or parcell thereof to the sole disposall of my executors unto my children having a respect to my Eldest Sonn

And Lastly    My mind mind and will is that my respected friends and neighbors Mr. John Tutthill, Sen. and Mr. Isaac Arnold or the Surveyer of (thene?) by my Executors and I doe hereby constitute and appointe them the said Isaack and John their heires executors administrators or the surveyor or surveyors of them to be my Executors of this my Last will and Testament and that they be duly paid out of my Estate for the trouble and paines they shall be at in the management of this my Estate so and hereby bequeathed.

Item    I doe will and bequeath unto my well beloved friends and executors aforesaid the sum of fifty shillings to each of them in currant money to buy what they shall best like to remember me by and that this is my Last will and Testament I have hereunto subscribed my name and fixed my seale this 36 yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles the Second of England Scottland France and Ireland King Defender of the faith and in the yeare of Our Lord 1684.

Signed Sealed published and Declared by the Subscribe John Budd to be his last will and testament before us wittnesses.
John Budd                    (signed) John Budd (seal)
An: Budd

Isa. Arnold court of Oyer and Terminer held at Southampton the 12 of November 1684 Suffolke County November the 12the 1684.
Then Appeared in open court Isaack Arnold, Esq. and John Budd witnesses to the above will and declared upon their oaths that they saw John Budd signe seale and deliver the same and that he owned it to be his Last Will and Testament which I certifie to the use within mentioned.

Inventory of John Budd Estate - 1684
(**Have lots of fun trying to figure this one out! His slaves are listed between his underwear and French hat under Warring Cloths.)

Southold,  March the 25, 1685
This is an inventory of the Estate of said John Budd who deceast this life the 5th day of November 1684

Imprimes,  11 Oxen                          33:"00:00
Do            14 cowes                        28:"00:00
Do             8 : 3 yeas old cattell        12:"00:00
Do           12 : 20 yeare old cattell     12:"00:00
Do           11  one year cow :kind        7:"14:00
              158 sheep                          43:"00:00
               10  swine 2 yeare old & upward    10:"00:00
                 9 horses and mares            16:"00:00
                20 swine 1 year old             10:"00:00
                3: 2 yeare old horses            3:"00:00
                3 horse kind one year old      7:"00:00
              10 swine at Ockeborge           7:"00:00

Lower Room
Do        (1 bed, 8 bolsters, 2 pillows, 2 sheets, coverled, 1 uge, 2 blanketts, courtaines, bed stead)
                In the lower room                    10"00"00
                1 curbart, 1 table, 2 furnices       4"00"00
                1 small table, 1 Joynt stoole        00"08"00
                6 chares, 6 spinning wheels        01"10"00
                3 chest, 1 case with bottles         01"00"00
                Pewter & Iron potts & kittle        06"15"00
                1 Warming Pane, 1 Culender       00"08"00
                1 small morer and Pessell             00"05"00
                1 pare of stiliers & scales            00"10"00
                1 brass ladles & scimer               00"05"00
                Earthen Wares                            00"10"00
                1 pare andirons, 3 hooks             00"18"00
                five shovels & tonges, 1 speet      00"10"00
                1 frying pan, 2 smooth irons         00"07"00
                1 box irons, 2 candlesticks           00"08"00
                wooden dishes & trenchers          00"05"00
                2 small bele metale skillets            00"10"00
                2 brass kettles                              01"05"00
                bookes                                         01"00"00
                a great bible                                  00"10"00

In the Lentto                                                   8:00
Do        1 brass kettle, 1 ion diping pan        00"10"00
            10 wooden bowls, 4 glass bottles    00"17"00
            2 old pailes, tubes & 1 charne          00"06"00
            1 old table                                       00"04"00
            1 pare of old stilliors                        00"01"06

In the Seller
Do        2 gratt brasse kettles                    03"10"00
            gratt tubs                                      00"04"00

In the Chamber
Do       (1 bed and bolster, 5 blanketts,
            2 coverleds, 2 sheets, bedstead)       08"00"00
            (1 bed bolster, 1 pillow, 1 sheet       
            5 blanketts, 1 bedd stead)                05"00"00
            (1 trundle bedd, 2 pillows
             1 blankett, & bedstead)                   02"00"00
            2 old blanketts                                  00"05"00
            1 chest, 2 boxes                                00"05"00
            3 hare sives ?                                    00"05"00
            1 meale troffe & Civer ?                    00"03"00
            1 set of old curtaines                         00"13"00
            1 new ticking bed & bolster               01"16"00

Merchandise in Chamber
Do    22 small looking glasses                        00"03"08
        3 yds broad cloth 8.8p yd                      01"04"00
        1 yd broad cloth at                                00"12"00
        2 yds sarge 3.8p yd                               00"07"00
        2 1/2 yds carsey at 6p yd                       00"15"00
        10: 44 yd haire camlets at 6.8p yd          03"01"16
        3 1/2 4yd (shuff?) at 3.6p yd                  13"12"00
        3/4 course linning att                               00"08"10
        11: 3/4 browne open barges                   00"11"09
        3 1/4 yards of sarge att                           00"13"06
        3 1/4 budstring at                                    01"08"00
        7 yards ozenbrags at                                00"07"00
        2 yards of dyed lining                              00"02"00
         2 1/2 yards of speckled lining                 00"06"03
        4000 of pines at                                      00"04"00
        1 gross pewter buttons                            00"06"00
        14 1/2 dossen ditto buttons                     00"06"06
        5 fincy hattbands                                     00"01"08
        6 horn combs                                          00"02"00
        2 pare buckles, 2 pare claps                    00"01"06
        17 quire of paper                                    00"08"06
        2 cophins att                                            00"06"00

Do    1 1/2 yards white Lockrem                    00"03"00
        13 yards of green cotten                         01"06"00
        5 1/2 yards of Redd cotten                      00"11"00
        19 1/2 yards of Sarge 4.8p yd                03"18"00
        13 1/2 yards of Carsey 5p yd                 03"07"06
        1/2 yard of yellow cotten at                    00"03"00
        1 dear skinn oyle leather                         00"04"00
        6 pare french heel shoes                         01"07"00

Do    2 Shoulder beste 1 rapior                        04"00"00
        3 guns & five pistolls, 1 pare holsters        06"00"00
        2 guns Lockes new                                   00"18"00
        27 pound of powder                                02"00"00
        1 gun muskett barrell                                00"18"00
        20 pound of shot                                      00"06"00
        50 pound of shot                                      00"14"00

Husbandry Implements                                        8:0
Do    2 plowes and three tackling                      01"00"00
         1 carte weells boxe hoopes                      01"10"00
         1 chaine: 2 cleveses and yok - Iron           01"00"00
         Axes howes siveths                                  01"00"00
         2 sadles gents & steripes                          01"00"00
         70 pinne boards                                        02"00"00
         bitte rings and wedges                               00"05"00
        carpanters tooles                                        00"09"00
        1 old sadle                                                 00"05"00

Warring Cloths                                                11"16"00
Do    In mony Spanish & baston                       13"13"03
        Linning severall peces neccessarys            06"00"00
        More Lining neccessaryes                        04"05"00
        1 negroman, 1 woman, 1 child                  60"00"00
        1 french hatt                                             00"09"00
        Totall                                                        96"08"03

Thomas Mapes, Joshua Horton, Jonathan Horton, Stephen Bagly

In Rye: the 6 Day of June 1685
Inventory of the Estate of John Budd Late of Southold Deceased in the Towneshipp of Rye, New Yorke is as followith:

Imprimis                                                                    8:00
Do    one gun                                                      01:13:04
        one shirt and a pare of trousers                    02:07:08 
        (two pillows, 2 coverleds, one old hammac,
        1 old tracking, cloth blankett prised at)         05:00:00
        two cases with 10 bottles                             00:13:04
        (1 copper kittle, one brass kittle and
        one bell mettle sckillott)                                02:01:08
        (1 iron pott, 1 adze, 1 hamer, 1 gouge
        and other old iron)                                        00:16:08
        1 Bible                                                         00:06:08
        1 pare of S?itjards  & head                          00:10:08
        (1 pewter quart pott, 1 platter, 1 parenger     
        1 copper candlestick & 1 salt seller)            00:13:04
        (3 iron cart hoops 1 cro, 1 iron tramell
        1 pr tongs and five shovels )                        01:04:08
        (1 cubard, 2 chests, 1 table, & one meale
        troffe)                                                          1:00:00

There is in the hand of Joseph Galpin
upon the farme  (?) inRye  (?)
Do    4 cowes, 1 horse, 2 oxen                    17:06:08
Implements for husbandry
Do    2 cowes                                                04:00:00
        3: three yeare old steers                            05:10:00
        4: two yeare old steers                             05:06:08
        2: 3 yeare old heafers                                03:10:00
        4  yearling steers                                     04:13:08
        1: 4 yeare old bull                                   02:00:00
        3: one years old cattle                             02:00:00
        2: mares and one yearling                        02:10:00
        3: 2 yeare old swine                                02:13:04
        37:  sheep                                               12:00:00
        (2 oxen in the hands of Garrett Wawertts
         4 years old and lett him for four years)    05:00:00
        Cash                                                       05:01:09
        1 cannoe ?                                               00:03:08
        (2 cows in the hands of Thomas to
        halfes for four yeares)                               04:00:00
        (Ox and one cow in the hands of
        Thomas Hatfield)                                      06:10:00
        1 cow in the hands of Rob Clovers            02:00:00
        ( These goods and chattles were apprised
        by us as mony upon the request of John
        Tutthill and Isaack Arnold Executors
        to the Estate of the deceased John Budd
        wittnesse our hands the day and yeare

June 10th Day 1685
Francis Browne, Thomas Browne, Thomas Merritt
Do ( Severall bills amounting to the sum
      of 134:L:15:01 in Country Payment)    134:15:01
Do  Booke Bebts                                        22:15:02
Do  (Cattle att huntington in the hands
        of Robert Cranfield 4 oxen  and
        fower cowes)                                   157:15:02
        by information att Brackehanon 3 oxen and 3 cowes





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