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Timothy Ricketson, Sr.  Will Transcript
from William Ricketson and his Descendants
by Grace Williamson Edes
Richmond Co, GA - 1786

Timothy Ricketson made his will March 2, 1786 in Richmond Co, GA.
Therein he styles himself as "Timothy Ricketson, Sen. of the State of Georgia and County of Richmond."

He gives to his son, Timothy Ricketson, ten shillings sterling money of Georgia, with the understanding that he shall have no more of "my estate, real or personal, I having given him a sufficient part of my estate before."

He leaves the same sum, in similar manner to his son, Marmaduke, and to his daughter, Abigail Laughtrip of Georgia.

He bequeathes to his "dear and loving wife Martha" during her natural life his best bed and furniture and during her widowhood or natural life the one third part of all his estate, she giving sufficient security not to embezzle or wast (sic) such part.

He gives and bequeathes to his grandson Jordain Ricketson the land and plantation and premises whereon he himself now resides, and also all within the state, and this estate of stock, tools and utensils for farming, together with all real and personal estate, reserving the share for his wife which is to revert to said Jordain Ricketson on her marriage or death.

In case of death of said Jordain without issue, the entire estate is to be equally divided between Timothy Ricketson's daughter, Abigail Laughtrip and her five children, Huldy Laughtrip, Bathsheba Laughtrip, Mary Laughtrip, John Laughtrip and Benjamin Laughtrip, with Timothy's son, Marmaduke

He appoints his wife, Martha Ricketson and William Glascock, Esq., executors, and his loving wife is to bring up grandson Jordain Ricketson carefully and to have him carefully educated until his or her death.

The witnesses were William Thompson, David Ayres and Gideon Mason.  (Richmond County Files)  The will was probated in the same year. (1786).

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