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Index of Primary Individuals


** Note:  Clicking on a name takes you to a family group sheet.  Some have Descendant Trees and some have Ancestor Charts.  Clicking on Descendants or Ancestor Chart will take you to the appropriate page.  Within the Descendant Tree Page, use the Browser/Edit/Find button to look for individuals.

Alford, Elizabeth  b. 1758            Descendants

Barney, Frances Jamima b. Apr 4, 1834
Barney, James Rogers  b. 1796
Barney, John  b. 1796
Black, Isabelle   b.  abt. 1785            Descendants
Boatwright, Ceniann Permelia b. May 13, 1856 ........   Ancestor Chart    Descendants
Boatwright, James Thomas b. Jul 2, 1828    Ancestor Chart
Boatwright, John  b. abt. 1796        Descendants  Ancestor Chart
Boatwright, John  b. 1680  Ancestor Chart
Boatwright, William  b. 1755            Descendants  
Boatwright, William  b. 1726  Ancestor Chart
Brasher, Henry W.  b. Sep 4, 1818  Descendants
Brasher, John P.   b.  abt 1775            Descendants
Brasher, Sarah Elizabeth b. Dec 27, 1850
Budd, George Grant  b. Feb 28, 1867 ........   Ancestor Chart
Budd, Gilbert  b. Dec 25, 1758            Descendants
Budd, James  b.  Nov 17, 1793        Ancestor Chart
Budd, Jesse Squire  b.  Aug 31, 1823   Descendants
Budd, Mabel  b. 1907    Ancestor Chart

Camp, Burrell Marion  b. Aug 9, 1834        Ancestor Chart
Camp, Mary Agnes  b. 1865    Descendants
Camp, Seaborn Marion  b.  1810        Descendants
Carter, Sarah  b.
Cole, Amy    b.  Jan 9, 1761            Descendants
Collier, Barzellai  b. 1835        Ancestor Chart
Collier, John Jeremiah  b. 1857     Descendants
Collier, Thomas  b. Jan 8, 1798            Descendants
Couch, Nancy  b.  1797                Descendants
Cranford, Sarah M.  b. Oct 14, 1842        Ancestor Chart
Cranford, William Lewis  b. 1817        Descendants
Creel, Elizabeth  b. 1600
Crippen, Elizabeth  b. 1806

Duty, Elizabeth  b. 1795    Ancstor Chart    Descendants
Duty, Richard  b.   d.  Aug 6, 1794
Dyer, Sarah b. 1683   Ancestor Chart


Fisher, Purdence  b. abt. 1750    Descendants
Foy, Serena  b. 1786        Descendants
Frasier, Hoyt Nathaniel  b. 1910  Ancestor Chart
Frasier, Levi  b. 1819        Descendants
Frasier, Thomas Nathaniel, Jr.  b. Nov 4, 1887 ........  Ancestor Chart
Frasier, Thomas Nathaniel, Sr.  b.  Feb 1860    Descendants

Gardner, Rachel b.1796   Descendants
Garrison, Martha C.  b. May 1, 1820  Descendants
Geroe, Frances  b. Mar 15, 1766            Descendants

Hanks, Susannah  b. 1778    Descendants
Harris, Julianne  b. 1750    Descendants
Haynie, Charles  b. 1772            Descendants
Haynie, George  b. Mar 28, 1800        Ancestor Chart      Descendants
Haynie, Ida Beatrice  b. Feb 18, 1888  ........   Ancestor Chart
Haynie, John Boyd  b. Feb 16, 1834
Henry, Rebecca Anna  b.  1753        Descendants
Howland, Abigail  b. 1686    Descendants

-I J-
Jennings, Sarah  b. 1604
Joiner, Malachi  b. 1781  Descendants
Joiner, Rebecca Elmira  b. Mar 25, 1815    Descendants
Joiner, Rachel  b. Jan 8, 1825
Jones, Rebecca  b. 1758


Kidd, John W., Jr.  b. 1785            Descendants
Kidd, Sarah Savina Helen  b. Sep 2, 1827   Descendants

Lott, Mary   b. 1630

Matthews, Abel  b. 1892        Descendants
Matthews, Ezekiel b. 1752
Matthews, Rhoda D.  b. Oct 1820        Ancestor Chart
Matthews, Thomas    d. abt. 1785
Melton, Naomi  b. 1768   Descendants
Miller, Mary E.  b.  1810            Descendants
Miller, William  b. 1786    Descendants
Jane Milstead  b. abat 1766    Descendants
Minnix, Abner  b. 1789        Descendants
Minnix, Charles, Sr.  b. 1750  Descendants
Minnix, Rhoda Ann  b.  June 1823        Ancestor Chart   Descendants
Morris, Sarah  b. 1802            Descendants
Mott, Elizabeth  b. 1659     Descendants     
Mott, Adam, Jr.   b.  1622/23
Mott, Adam, Sr.    b. 1596
Mott, John    b. 1570

Noland, Agnes Grace  b. 1814        Descendants

Oliver, James C.  abt 1750          Descendants
Oliver, Jane  b. abt. 1798        Descendants   Ancestor Chart

Patterson, John Jackson  b. 1801        Descendants
Patterson, Louise  b. Mar 13, 1859
Patterson, Thomas Elbert   b.  1825  Descendants
Peterson, James  b. 1800        Ancestor Chart
Peterson, John  Jr.   b. May 3, 1750        Descendants
Peterson, Lucy  b. Mar 1829
Prescott, Elvira  b. Apr 2, 1870  ........    Ancestor Chart
Prescott, Jesse S.  b. 1800
Prescott, Samuel Everett  b. Feb 16, 1824

-Q R-
Renfro, Hannah  b. abt. 1805        Descendants
Ricketson, Jonathan  b. 1688        Ancestor Chart    Descendants
Ricketson, Joseph  b.  1784            Descendants    
Ricketson, Rachel  b. 1808        Ancestor Chart
Ricketson, Timothy, Jr.  b. 1745        Ancestor Chart     Descendants
Ricketson, Timothy, Sr.  b. 1710  Descendants
Ricketson, William  b. 1636     Descendants
Roddan, Elizabeth  b. May 29, 1808   Descendants
Roddan, Robert  b.
Rogers, Jemima  b. 1806

Sanders, Pally  b. Feb 28, 1814            Descendants
Skinner, Charlotte  b. 1798                Descendants
Slaton, Henry D.  b. May 15, 1844        Ancestor Chart
Slaton, Mary Magdeline  b. Jun 19, 1869     Descendants
Slaton, Wade Hampton II  b. Feb 1, 1801        Descendants
Smedley, Emily  b. Nov 27, 1837        Ancestor Chart
Smedley, John  b.  1790            Descendants
Smedley, Thomas  b. 1767     Descendants
Smith, Colby  b.  1751            Descendants
Smith, Devoe  b. 1896   Ancestor Chart
Smith, Joseph Duty  b. Dec 6, 1813    Ancestor Chart    Descendants
Smith, Micajah b. Jul 18, 1790  Ancestor Chart    Descendants
Smith, Thomas Ivey  b. Apr 20, 1860  ........   Ancestor Chart    Descendants
Squire, Eunice  b. Mar 3, 1797            Ancestor Chart
Squires, Jesse  b. Nov 11, 1760            Descendants

Thomas, Elizabeth  b.
Thomason, Sarah  b. 1787    Descendants
Thompson, Mary  b. abt 1762        Descendants
Turnelle, Elisha  b. 1894         Descendants
Tucker, Mary  b.  Feb 27, 1803        Descendants

-U V-
Veal, James H.  b. 1805        Descendants
Veal, Molly Belle  b. Nov 24, 1892  ........  Ancestor Chart
Veal, Nathan, Jr.  b. 1779    Descendants
Veal, Nathan, Sr.  b. abt 1750    Descendants
Veal, Richard  b. 1867    Descendants
Veal, William Harvel  b. Oct 1833        Ancestor Chart

Wallace, Sarah Savina  b. 1786            Descendants
Weir, George Hughy Scott  b. Aug 18, 1847
Weir, Hugh N.  b. 1819
Weir, John  b.  abt 1775        Descendants
Weir, Louise Virginia  b. 1914    Ancestor Chart
Weir, William Hugh  b. Feb 25, 1872  ........  Ancestor Chart 
Wilbur, Bathsheba  b. 1720    Descendants
Wilburn, Martha A.  b.             Descendants
Wilkins, Mary  b. ?      Descendants
Wood, Sara Ann  b. 1765    Descendants

York, Mary b. 1839


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